Monday, 18 July 2011

Metempsychosis of the dress -or- happy birthday to me

My birthday, like most birthdays, is an excellent day. Beyond the presents and new numeral I get to attach to myself, I like it because it falls on the day before a national holiday (read: everyone can come out to party without worrying about work) and, oddly, I get to celebrate my birthday on the same day as my mother.

When I couldn't find anything befitting of a birthday girl downtown (that's actually a lie, see the above flats), I decided to bite the bullet and alter a dress that hasn't seen the light of day in approximately seven years. I purchased the strapless number in grade nine for my first ever high-school semi-formal. I was too tall for the fit then, and am definitely too tall for it now. Plus, I'm not sure adorning oneself entirely in a pattern this floral is appropriate anywhere outside of the Hamptons.

Initial experimentation revealed that the dress could indeed be cute as a shirt. A snip here, a snip there, and-- well, it was stupid easy really. I planned on wearing this new creation tucked in, which was convenient as I had no plans to properly hem it.

The zipper of the dress proves a little problematic with at-waist pants or shorts- it's too stiff and pulls the shirt away from the body where it should hug. With high waisted trousers though, it's quite nice. I sported it with my yellow skirt, a thrift find that I deemed my best bet at fitting in with the cool crowd at classic hip hop night. Well, at least I got the classic part right. 

Happy Birthday everybody!

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  1. altering clothing is such a good way to get you excited about old clothing! you look darling. Oh and how did you get your background to be that pale of grey? I want a paler grey background but I couldn't figure out how? you'll have to show me.


    Caitlin Rose